Sep 08 2023


8:00 am - 5:00 pm



Woke Entrepreneur Summit

Since 2018, the WOKE Entrepreneurship Summit has created a unique event experience for African American entrepreneurs aged 21-45. As an “entrepreneurship conference for the culture”, each year we bring together Chicago’s top Millennial, Xennial, and seasoned business leaders for a day of learning, networking, and celebration.

Hip Hop is not just about a music genre, it is a culture, and love it or not, it affects what we buy and how we buy it. Run DMC’s “My Addidas”, Ayliyah’s Tommy Hilfiger look and Rhianna’s “Fenty”, has proven that black culture changes the game for brands who understand our buying power and black culture’s effect on the bottom line. This year’s summit will take a look back at Hip Hop culture’s GLOBAL influence over the last 50 years and look forward to embracing the power that we possess in all industries.

This year, we are going to hear how the culture has influenced business trends, changed the way we market our products and continues to set the direction for how we operate – and thrive in the global marketplace. WOKE 2023 speakers are going to share how they have leveraged their influence, embraced black culture and how we can do the same to take our businesses to the next level!

Consider this year’s WOKESUMMIT the #BLUEPRINT edition.

  • Language: English

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