Become a Referral Partner for The Source

The Cook County Small Business Source is seeking non-profit organizations to join its partner network as a Referral Partner. 

We seek organizations that:

  • Have a footprint or presence in Suburban Cook County
  • Serve historically excluded populations 
  • Have the staffing and resources to conduct marketing and outreach on behalf of the Cook County Small Business Source and its upcoming small business grant program

Since 2020, the Cook County Small Business Source has provided no-cost business advising, resources, events/webinars, and grants to over 10,000 small businesses throughout Cook County.  69% of business owners served by the program represent historically excluded communities and 96% are microbusinesses with ten or less employees. Because of partners like you, we are able to expand our reach through Cook County to serve small businesses who need assistance and resources to grow and thrive. 

If you are interested, please use this application to submit information about your organization’s ability to serve as a Referral Partner for the Source no later than Friday, June 30 at 5pm CT.

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